Turning data into the fuel that powers efficiency, collaboration, and better health.

The healthcare ecosystem is swimming in data, and the pool is getting deeper every day. Mobile devices, wearables, and the Internet of Things are creating virtually endless opportunities to collect information from patients.

Industry mergers and collaboration across institutions are increasingly exposing incompatibility between EHR systems. Barriers to the flow of data are blocking innovation. And patients are wondering when healthcare will fully embrace the digital revolution they see changing every other aspect of their lives.

Health Stack is creating a framework that allows institutions, providers, app developers, and patients to turn this health data from a burden into a tool. One that empowers them to dramatically improve the healthcare experience for themselves, their patients, and their organizations.

Delivery Systems

For an Integrated Delivery System (IDS) or Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the platform increases the ability to engage patients, improve efficiency, and benchmark performance.

  • Deploy the latest digital health tools, already connected to your data
  • Provide clinician-satisfying apps while retaining the EHR as a workflow hub and system of record
  • Empower IT teams to efficiently scale and extend EHR capabilities
  • Improve security and audit capabilities with the party security model and end-to-end encryption
  • Protect privacy with real-time validation that controls access to specific data types and sources

For more information about how your institution can participate in the early stages of Health Stack as an early-adopter, please get in touch.

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App Developers

With Health Stack, developers can quickly build and test new applications, and then distribute and deploy them through a clearly defined sales channel.

  • Develop using widely accepted Smart-on-FHIR standards
  • Seamlessly integrate patient health data using FHIR APIs
  • Build and iterate in a development sandbox populated with realistic test data
  • Reach a ready audience through the platform’s app marketplace

If you are a software company with an application that could benefit from access to patient data across institutions, or a device or wearables maker, please give us a call.

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The platform makes it easier for providers to coordinate care, and gives them tools to help patients to manage their health more effectively. It also helps providers take advantage of the growing availability of patient-generated health data without becoming overwhelmed.

  • Improve workflow efficiency with EHR-connected, specialty-specific clinical apps
  • Access contextualized health data to support better clinical decision-making
  • Get a comprehensive and personalized view of every patient
  • Provide patients with vetted and approved self-management tools
  • Minimize time spent hunting for the right information


The platform empowers patients to play a more active role in their own care. It facilitates care customization and personalization and gives them single-login access to all their health-related information and applications.

  • Give yourself and your doctors easy access to all your digital health data
  • Protect your data and control who views it
  • Interact with care providers using the tools most convenient to you
  • Receive care customized to your needs
  • Find the right doctor or institution for your needs